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Classroom uses Fidget Spinners to help students stay on task

“We did a lot of work on whether it’s a tool or a toy,” 5th grade teacher Rebecca Yerington.

BETTENDORF - - Inside Mrs. Yerington's 5th grade class at Riverdale Heights Elementary, you'll see many students fidgeting with something during class.

"It kind of helps me focus so that I have something to do... while I listen and write," said Griffen Erickson, 5th grade student.

Erickson said a fidget spinner helps him to stay on task and focused.

"When I'm not doing something with my hands... I'll just kind of move around my desk and find stuff to play with," said Erickson.

At Riverdale Heights elementary, four of the fifth grade classes started using the devices even before fidget spinners became popular.

"When we started using fidgets, it was in the fall and we did a lot of work on whether it's a tool or a toy," said Rebecca Yerington, 5th grade teacher.

Many kids in the class use some type of fidget device, whether it's a stability ball or stress ball.

"They felt they were able to channel their energy without bothering people around them," said Yerington.

For Griffen if he doesn't have a fidget spinner, or other type of fidget device, it makes it hard to stay on task.

"Sometimes I'll like tap my feet and that gets really annoying to everyone around me," said Erickson.

He's glad his teacher has taught them how to properly use fidget devices.

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