City of Rock Island flushing fire hydrants, issues notice to residents

The City of Rock Island has put out a notice regarding fire hydrant flushing on Monday, October 7th, and what to do if your tap water is affected.
Fire Hydrant

ROCK ISLAND, Illinois — The City of Rock Island announced that it would be flushing out its fire hydrant system on Monday, October 7th, as well as what effects resident may see.

The work will begin at midnight and then carry on throughout the first and third shifts of the day.

The city reminds residents that water may be discolored, contain sediment, or have low pressure.

City officials say that if you find that your water is discolored or filled with sediment, run the cold water tap for a few minutes until the cloudiness dissipates.

For additional information, please call the Public Works Department at 732-2200 or visit the City’s website at www.rigov.org/water.