City of Davenport asking residents to complete grant money use survey

The City of Davenport wants your help determining what to do with a public grant of 1 million dollars.

DAVENPORT, Iowa — The City of Davenport is asking residents for help in deciding what to do with a $1 million dollar grant.

The city announced in a Facebook post that it is gathering resident input using an online survey on its next five year plan, which runs from 2020 to 2024, as well as how the million dollars in community development block grant (CDBG) funding will factor in.

The city says the money can be used for a variety of issues, but they must meet at least one of the three following guidelines provided by the CDBG program:

  • Benefiting low and moderate income persons
  • Preventing or eliminating slums and blight
  • Meeting urgent community threats to health needs due to serious and immediate threats to health or welfare of the community.

You can provide your feedback through this survey. It is 21 questions long; with types such as multiple choice, ranking, and short answer. The survey primarily covers what types of public services and projects you would like to see improvement in, as well as some basic personal information questions.