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Citizens address Davenport council members over signature concerns

People who spoke up at the meeting told council members that there should be an investigation into wether or not the Alderman’s signature was forged, and ...

DAVENPORT, Iowa - Citizens spoke up at the Davenport City Council meeting on August 21, after an alderman would neither confirm nor deny his signature was forged on a document issued by Mayor Frank Klipsch .

The allegations are part of an ongoing fight over who should serve on the Davenport Civil Rights Commission.

The latest concern all comes down to a letter and a court deposition.

Supporters of the four civil rights commission members who were removed by the mayor in April say the mayor was wrong to get rid of them and they believe he may have gone to far in a letter issued to the members informing them of their removal.

The letter included signatures of alderman who supported his action.

Alderman Mike Matson's signature is one of the signatures listed on the document.

However, as part of an ongoing legal battle, Matson was interviewed by an attorney and says he does not know how his name got on the documents.

Also in the deposition, Matson said he does recall having a conversation about the mayors desires to remove the commissioners, however he told attorneys he never saw the letter with his name on it.

Supporters of the four commissioners took the case to the city council on August 21.

Several of them told council members that there should be an investigation, and that the council should focus on getting the commissioners who were removed back to work.

"Grow a spine, get a backbone, because the people of Davenport deserve that kind of leadership, especially, for instance, if you were running for mayor," said Laura Helena Rodriguez while addressing the council.

Council members are not allowed to respond to public comments during the meeting. Instead, they just listen.

Alderman Matson chose not to comment on the subject at the council meeting on August 21.