Cars may be obsolete Musk’s underground LA tunnel is complete

He plans to show off the test tunnel with an opening party on Dec. 10 and offer free rides the next day.

HAWTHORNE, California- Elon Musk’s Boring Company underground tunnel has been completed.

Musk tweeted Saturday, November 3,  that he had walked the length of the tunnel and tweeted that it is “disturbingly long.”

According to Musk, the tunnel is about 2 miles (or 3.2 kilometers) under Hawthorne, which is the location of the SpaceX headquarters.

He plans to have a grand opening party on December 10, 2018, and offer free rides in the tunnel the next day.

Musk envisions a transportation system in which vehicles or some other invention will be rushed at high speeds through tunnels on electrically powered platforms called skates.

Musk wants to build several more of these tunnels, which may change transportation as we know it.