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Bettendorf warns of fake Facebook post circulating about security checkpoints for fireworks displays

This is proof that NOT everything you see in the internet is real…

BETTENDORF, Iowa --  A post circulating on Facebook claims that the City of Bettendorf planned to set up security checkpoints for people heading out to watch fireworks.

But according to the city, that's just not true.

The Facebook post comes from a page called "Bettendorf, IA - A premier city."  It said that anyone heading to the Middle Park fireworks display should have their IDs ready for "planned check points" and that people who don't live in Bettendorf will have to watch the fireworks from a different location.

In reality, there are no checkpoints planned for the Middle Park display and there are no parking restrictions based on where a person lives.

The city's real Facebook page is called "City of Bettendorf, Iowa" and is adorned with a gray check mark to signify that Facebook recognizes it as an authentic page for a business or organization.

On the verified page, a post is warning residents to not be duped, saying the unverified page "is not authorized to disseminate information on behalf of the City of Bettendorf."

Bottom line, a spokesperson from the City of Bettendorf confirmed that there will be no ID checks or security checkpoints for fireworks-watchers.