Bettendorf Public Library fully up and running after flood

Repairs to the library totaled around $400,000.

BETTENDORF, Iowa-- All of the services offered by the Bettendorf Public Library have reopened after a flood demolished the building's 1st and 2nd floors.

The flood was caused by a break in a water pipe cap in the second floor bathroom last May. The library now has full use of the service areas, main entrance, lobby and meeting rooms.

"I would like you to bear in mind how  exciting it is, given the fact that most of the ceiling in the front third of the library was destroyed. The entire entry way was renovated,  as well as all of the upstairs second floor work spaces. An awful lot of work went into reconstructing this place," says  Bettendorf Library Director, Sue Manix.

The total cost of the renovations is about $400,000, but because of the city's insurance there were no extra cost to tax payers to pay for the remodeling.