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Barstow resident using a boat to get to flooded home

The Rock River at Joslin crested at 18.5 feet.

BARSTOW, Illinois  --  The Rock River at Joslin crested earlier on Sunday, March 17t, at 18.5 feet, but residents in Barstow, Illinois are still seeing the effects of the high waters.

"Getting to my house is definitely a challenge," resident Tammy Wenninger said. "My car is small, so I have no other options than the boat."

Wenninger's street is covered in inches of water, causing her to have to take a small boat to access her driveway and door.

"I got a hole in one of my boots, so I get wet," Wenninger said.

The Rock River at Joslin is predicted to be in major flood stage, over 14 feet, until next weekend. Even after the river crest, residents say they know they will be dealing with the aftermath for weeks.

"We have moved toys out of garages," resident Shelly MeGuffy said. "Just rearranging things and getting it out of the flood zone."

MeGuffy has a pool of river water in her backyard, but nothing flooding her house.

"Hopefully it does not get too much worse than this," MeGuffy said.

Residents say the high water is nothing new to them, remembering the major flood of 2013. 

"We all stick together because of this," Wenninger said. "It`s sad that we have to go through this more than once a year."