Antique John Deere chair is one of a kind at TPC Deere Run

It’s a new tradition made here on the course stitched together for years to come.

TPC DEERE RUN-- Chances are when you see Anne Young out on the course she'll never be alone. It will always be Anne and her famous chair.

"It's light-weight, easy to carry around, it's just the famous chair," says Young.

The macrame chair woven with green and yellow yarn in a John Deere pattern was made back in the 70s. Everyone who sees it thinks Young made it herself when in reality, she bought it for 5-dollars at an estate sale.

"Anyone that sees it wants to talk about it and wonders how she did this. She's honest. She says she did not make it," says chair admirer Jeanne Frick.

After being out in the heat all tournament long, the chair with the reputation comes in handy. But the best part for Anne is meeting the chair admirers.

"It's just an item that attracts conversation," says Young. "I'm a people person. I'm a talker. I like to talk to people. It's amazing what you can learn and find out. Everyone has a story."

Now the chair is part of her, earning Young a new title, The Chair Lady.

Chair lady and the famous chair, a pair that can't be split even if you tried, and people have tried.

"Yesterday an elderly man, he was going to give me seven-dollars and his golf chair. I can't wait to see him next year to tell him no again," says Young.

It's a new tradition made here on the course stitched together for years to come.

"I think it will stay in the family, pass it on. Hopefully our family members will volunteer, use the chair."