An exclusive look at Credit Island post 3-month flood shows extensive damage in some areas

Credit Island took a hit during the flood damaging the roads and taking out the power. But the Credit Island Lodge was able to withstand some of the worst water...

DAVENPORT, Iowa -- Credit Island was hit hard after this spring’s record flooding, but one building on the island is still in good shape thanks to its design.

The island has been closed to pedestrians since mid-March.  The only way to get on the island is to sign a waiver from the City of Davenport to ensure safety protocols.

Now that water levels have receded on the island, it sits high and dry.  But the half-mile road to the mainland is one part of the island hit the worst.

“Basically, it was part of the river for 100 days,” says Betsy Tubbs, Davenport Senior Park Manager. “This is by far the worst damage we’ve seen on the road”

The trail to the island is completely uprooted, leaving potholes and chunks of concrete in the middle of the road, which is a hazard to pedestrians.  That’s why the island is closed for a fourth month this year.

But one place on the island was able to withstand damage – the Credit Island Lodge.

The lodge was renovated to include vents on the exterior nearly ten years ago.  The vents allow water to pass through and still have the building stand strong.  Currently, people are still unable to go in until a structural engineer inspects the building.

“It’s actually great,” says Tubbs. “If this didn’t happen you can imagine if water comes up, it hits the building and just continues to pound on the building.”

At first glance the boarded-up lodge looks like it needs a lot of work, but the three to four inches of river mud and silt sitting on the inside is the main repair.

“The island is known to come back fairly quickly once we can get access established and get crews in here," says Davenport Parks and Recreation Director, Chad Dyson.

To get the lodge back into top shape it’s going to take electricity, which right now can’t be found on the island.

“One of our biggest challenges for the first time that I ever recalled is we’ve lost power,” Tubbs explains.

Four power lines lining the road into the island are now lost in the river after flooding.

“Not unexpected, but a daunting challenge to clean up nonetheless,” Tubbs comments.

A timeline for when the repairs will start on the island is still up in the air.  It’s now up to the Mayor’s Task Force to decide what areas need the most attention.

Davenport Parks and Recreation, says they are still looking for a temporary way for people to get on the island.

It's still unclear how much repairs will cost the city.