Ambulance and EMS fees may soon rise in Moline

Ambulance and emergency service fees may soon be climbing in Moline.

Ambulance and emergency service fees may soon be climbing in Moline.

On Tuesday, March 10, 2015, the City Council supported four separate fee increases during a committee of the whole session. Aldermen will vote on each charge in the coming weeks.

The first proposal would add a $20 flat fee for all ambulance rides that require the restocking of supplies.

A second increase would add a fee of $250 to all ambulance runs for non-residents on top of regular ambulance fees. City staff estimate that a quarter of billable ambulance runs are for people who don't live in Moline.

A citizen assist fee would charge people $100 for repeat residential assists, and $150 for any assist to a health care facility. Assists are typically calls for help from people who have fallen.

Finally, the City could assess an hourly fee for police, fire and EMS that respond to a traffic accident involving a non-resident driver. The proposal calls for $127 per hour for ambulance, $66 per hour for police, and $262 per hour for a fire engine.

After Tuesday's meeting, Alderwoman Stephanie Acri said she was hesitant to support a fee increase that would charge visitors more.

"We're the Quad Cities, and I'd like to see us behaving cooperatively between city to city, and our Rock Island neighbors and our East Moline neighbors. I want us to do more to collaborate on how to cut costs instead of pushing those costs onto those communities," said Acri.

Mayor Scott Raes said the goal, though, is simply to cover the city's costs. There is expected to be a $130,378 shortfall in ambulance revenues this year.