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All lakes now drained at West Lake Park, for nearly $4M restoration project

All four lakes at West Lake Park are nearly dried out for the park’s lake restoration project.

DAVENPORT, Iowa -- All four lakes at West Lake Park are nearly dried out. This is the first time the lakes have all been drained at once.

The draining is for Iowa Department of Natural Resources and Scott County Conservation Board's nearly $4 million dollar lake restoration project to improve water quality.

Crews only took one month to finish the draining. There are a few feet of water left, and once a contractor is hired, they'll decide to pump out the water or work around it.

"It was an adventure but we got through it," says Marc Miller, deputy director of Scott County's Conservation Board.

Now, the Iowa DNR and Scott County's Conservation Board are searching for a contractor who'll begin lake construction. After that, they will eventually close up the valves and let the lakes fill up naturally.

As for when that will be, crews are planning on this upcoming winter, if weather conditions aren't so severe. The entire project is estimated to take about two years.

"When we get done with this, hopefully, the goal will be you can look down in the water when you're swimming at the beach and you can see your toes," Miller says.

With improved water quality, park visitors can look forward to paddle boarding, kayaking, and other water sport activities.

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