A jazz-filled weekend kicked off on Thursday with Bix Porch Party

Bands will be playing at the Rhythm City Casino this year.

DAVENPORT, Iowa - Don Estes and the Prairie Ramblers took the stage once again at the Bix Porch Party outside the Davenport Public Library in honor of the late Bix Biederbecke.

Audience members had the chance to dance to the band's live jazz music while others sat back, relaxed and listened right in the middle of Main Street.

This is Estes' 30th year performing old-time jazz in honor of Bix Biederbecke at the porch party.

"It's contagious for us," says Estes, "and we hope it is for the audience.  It's just a good time and fun music.  It goes through the whole range of emotions.

This weekend also kicks off the Bix Biederbecke Memorial Jazz Festival, which has a full schedule of the events taking place at the Rhythm City Casino in Davenport until Sunday.

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