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6 women officially running for 2020 presidential race; the most in history

The 2020 election season is in full swing and Iowa is in the midst of caucuses. Six women are making history as the most ever to be running for the democratic ...

DAVENPORT, Iowa – Montana’s Governor, Steve Bullock, is the latest candidate to declare he’s running for president, and he joins a crowded field of nearly two dozen candidates that includes six women.

Senator Elizabeth Warren made her first campaign stop to Davenport in February, the day after she announced she was running for president. Now, there are five other women in the race.

“The fun thing about history is anything is possible,” says Scott Community College professor, Brian Hilton. “I think they are ready, I think the numbers are there.”

He also believes a female candidate could offer new perspectives.

“They would bring a balance to affairs and issues that men were not necessarily capable of,” says Hilton.

Chris Cournoyer was elected as one of the 11 women to the Iowa Senate this year.

“If you’re not going to be part of the process, you are part of the problem,” says State Senator Cournoyer.

She knows how critical the state is right now for presidential candidates trying to get their feet wet.

“I think anytime anyone jumps into a new arena like that they are experiencing the growing pains that go along with that,” Cournoyer comments.

Never have two female candidates faced off at a televised presidential debate, and this year there will be at least six making history.

“Clearly there was an indication that we are at that point,” Hilton says.

“Once you see someone who looks like you doing it, I think the jump gets easier for those who come behind you,” Cournoyer says.

President candidate Governor Jay Inslee will be in Davenport on Wednesday, he will be touring the flood damage in downtown Davenport.  Governor Steve Bullock and Representative Beto O’Rourke will be doing the same next week.

The first debates are set for June 26 and 27 in Miami.  They’ll be split between two nights because there are so many eligible candidates.