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5 year old Alpha boy brings first library to the village called “Logan’s Little Library”

Logan Brinson brings his own library to the village of Alpha.

ALPHA, Illinois – A new library is coming to Alpha thanks to a five-year-old.

Logan Brinson is like a lot of five-year-old’s, picking up books and learning to read.

“Because you get to talk,” Logan says. “I talk a lot.”

And for only being in pre-school, his library in his bedroom is quite extensive.

“The Very Hungry Caterpillar,” Logan reads. “He eats a lot of food like I do.”

Which is why little Logan decided to share his love for books.

“The old books they used to have they just give it to us for our little library,” Logan explains.

His library is called “Logan’s Little Library” and can be found on his own front lawn.

“You would have to open this and take one of the books out - only one,” says Logan. “And then you have to close this back up an then you have to bring it back another day.”

“We moved here in August of 2017 and one of the first things we noticed was the local village didn’t have a library,” says Brandon Brinson, Logan’s father.

Ever since they started Logan’s Little Library this summer they’ve had a great response.  Now, the library is spreading to its second location.

“Highway 150 is a very busy highway and there’s been many incidents in the past and a lot of kids aren’t allowed to cross 150, so we had Logan go up to the village and pitch his proposal about putting a second library in and they approved,” explains Brandon.

His second location will be in the center of town next to the gazebo.

So, every kid in Alpha can learn every letter in the alphabet.

The second Logan’s Little Library will be ready in May.  Until then, the current library is open every day except snow days.

People all over the world have started donating books to Logan’s Little Library including donations from London and Australia.

All donations can be sent to:

P.O. Box 672

Alpha IL, 61413


113 West B Street.

Alpha, IL 61413

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