2020 presidential candidate Gov. Jay Inslee tours Davenport after flood damage

Governor Jay Inslee tours downtown Davenport and talks with business owners about what flood damage they are dealing with.

DAVENPORT, Iowa – Presidential candidate and Washington Governor Jay Inslee was in downtown Davenport Wednesday morning to analyze the historic flood damage for himself.

He began the day speaking with elected officials about how the flood has hit the city as a whole.

Gov. Inslee then checked out the storefronts swallowed by the high waters.  He talked with business owners of Dress for Success, The Half Nelson, and Front Street Brewery about what they dealt with during and after the barrier breached.

“There are the people who are building this community up,” said Inslee.  “They are building new businesses, they’re having a resurgence of these riverfront communities.  Now they want to wall them off to this beautiful riverfront, this just won’t do.”

He also put the tragedy that happened in downtown Davenport into perspective.

“When your house just keeps burning down every season, when it gets worse by the decades you don’t just get buckets,” Inslee said. “You get something to prevent the fires in the first place, and our house is on fire.”

Presidential candidates, Representative Beto O’Rourke, and Montana Governor Steve Bullock, will be in Davenport next week to see the flood damage as well.