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AP: Dinkins had been released early and paroled months before Breasia Terrell's disappearance

Newly released records show that Henry Dinkins had been released from prison and allowed on parole less than 4 months before he allegedly kidnapped Breasia Terrell.

Newly released records show Iowa granted an early release from prison to a Henry Dinkins just months before he allegedly kidnapped and killed a 10-year-old Breasia Terrell.

The Iowa Board of Parole granted Henry Dinkins parole from a Davenport minimum-security facility in March 2020. The board determined he was “able and willing to fulfill the obligations of a law abiding citizen.” 

A parole order signed by board chair Helen Miller says “there is a reasonable probability” that Dinkins can be released without harming the community. 

Less than four months after his release, Dinkins allegedly kidnapped Breasia Terrell from a Davenport apartment complex, shot her to death and hid her body in rural eastern Iowa.

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