Crocs are coming back… this time with a fanny pack on the back

It’s been 17 years since Crocs made their first appearance in the market, now the company has entered a partnership to unleash this new look.

Crocs first made their appearance on the market in 2002, originally designed as boating shoes, but worn for everyday use.

Nearly two decades later, the polarizing shoe is making a comeback.  A company called Beams, which is headquartered out of Japan, has partnered with Crocs to revamp the shoe.  The new style has added a fanny pack style wallet on the back, according to Footwear News.  

The new shoes come in two colors, ultraviolet and tropical teal.  They cost $53.

Another shoe style that's spawned from the Beams-Crocs duo is a traditional clog with visors over the toes.