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Craig Hignight explains what those lumps are on your tree leaves

Galls are found on tree leaves but they are not harmful to the tree.

MOLINE, Ill. — Got galls? Don't worry. Experts say they're typically not harmful to your plants. Galls are abnormal growths that develop on either budding or mature plants.  

During Good Morning Quad Cities at 11 on Wednesday, June 9, plant and garden expert Craig Hignight said galls frequently seen on trees like maples or oaks. 

"The tree doesn't even know it's there," he said, showing some galls during his question and answer segment. 

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Inside the gall is an insect that's feeding on the tree. Highnight says eventually the inspect will hatch out and leave.

"It's not harming the tree at all," he said. 

According to the University of Minnesota Extension, galls usually form during a leaf's growth period.  Not only can galls be caused by insects, but also mites, nematodes, fungi, bacteria and viruses. 

The number of galls that grow on plants varies from year to year.