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Cookies & Dreams owners plan to open more locations outside of the Quad Cities

Cookies and Dreams is moving past the Quad Cities and entering new locations.

DAVENPORT, Iowa — Local cookie shop "Cookies and Dreams" is expanding outside of the Quad Cities. Owners Bill Sheeder  and Stephanie Sellers are opening locations in Coralville, Iowa and across the Chicagoland area.  

"Cookies and Dreams" started as part of the restaurant "Baked" in Davenport, Iowa. The husband and wife team knew the winter would slow down business and began looking for other ways to keep their business afloat.  After the two looked through their sales history they had a realization.

"Our number one selling item at our restaurant was our chocolate chip cookie," said Bill.  

They used their restaurant as a pop up for the idea and “Cookies and Dreams” was announced on Facebook shortly after.

"We announced on Facebook on January 15th, (2020) we were starting that company.  January 15th, 2021 we had already opened our second store," Bill said. 

Cookies and Dreams has two locations in the Quad Cities, both of which opened during the pandemic. 

"When COVID shut (us) down, all it was carry out and delivery," Bill explained. "(We) had no clue what was gonna happen. And our restaurant was, we didn't do well. But the cookies. Doordash, Grub Hub, the cookie sales just went nuts. We were selling more cookies than if our restaurant was open. So... this was a good idea." 

Bill attributes the businesses success to Stephanie’s creativity and utilization of social media.