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Coney Island hot dog restaurant turns 100

Galesburg Historical Society recognized Coney Island restaurant for its centennial anniversary.

GALESBURG, Ill. — Coney Island hot dog restaurant celebrated its centennial birthday Saturday, Oct. 23.

“We love our local businesses we love supporting them. We love the history that they bring to the community and their important," Galesburg Historical Society President Debby Sugai said.

The restaurant opened in 1921 by two Greek brothers. The restaurant was sold several times, but the name stayed the same.

“First thing that everybody came and said is, 'Do not change anything, keep it the same, keep everything the same,'" Coney Island Co-owner Jesus Valdez said. “And it's been wonderful. The best part of it is the customers. Customers coming in, sharing their stories and telling us about their history.”

The Valdez family are the current owners of the restaurant and received the award. They've been owners for 17 years.

“We took over and just carried on their legacy and what they started 100 years ago, just making the coney dogs," said Valdez.

The family said its happy to be a part of the Coney Island lineage and plans to run the business for years to come.

“I'm here until retirement. I mean I'm not going anywhere, I'm gonna keep the business going as long as I can and as long as the community come out and support us," said Valdez. 

Coney Island is located at 77 South Cherry St. in Galesburg, Illinois.