Chordbusters barbershop quartets surprise Valentine's lovers with serenades

Singing romantic songs to your loved one on Valentine's Day is something people dream of giving and receiving, but this group of singers can make that a reality.

Flowers make for a tried and true Valentine's gift, but the idea of the personal, romantic serenade is also a staple. Unfortunately, singing isn't a skill everyone is equipped with. Lucky for those people, a Quad City group is happy to do the heavy vocal work.

The Davenport Chordbusters, a 68-year old local a capella group, toured the Quad cities on Valentine's Day, surprising people with personalized messages and songs

A Chordbusters serenade package involved with a quarter singing two songs, a picture oppurtunity, and the delivery of a long-stemmed rose.

Describing the feeling of the gift from her husband, Chordbusters serenade recipient Cheryl Flaming said, "It was wonderful... It was good to see them walk through the door. I love the old barbershop music... and for him to express his feeling is wonderful."