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Beaux Arts fair brings artists to the QC from around the country

One artist, Robert Cornman, came to this art show from Florida. He's been coming to the Beaux Arts fair for the last five years.

DAVENPORT, Iowa — An annual art fair in the Quad Cities made its in-person return this weekend.

About 100 artists gathered at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds for the Beaux Arts Fair, which has been running for 68 years.

Art can help us think about our passions, that sometimes might be hidden.

"I had no art background until I started taking some watercolor lessons at the Figge, and that's when it hit me that I like this," said Sharon Larson.

Larson is one of the vendors at the Beaux Arts fair.

"I do custom watercolor portraits of people's pets homes and farms, and some other abstract stuff just for fun," Larson said.

Larson is also on the planning committee for the fair. All of the proceeds from the art show to to the Figge Art Museum, and support children's art programming.

The Beaux Arts fair also brings artists from around the country to the Quad Cities. One of those artists is Robert Cornman.

"This is my first show for the year," Cornman said.

Cornman is an abstract painter from Florida, and uses makeup and tattoo ink, among other materials, in his artwork. His paintings of tress are created using dental tools, Cornman said.

Cornman also said the past year without art shows has been tough on the entire industry.

"I have friends, they've had to fold, sell their tents and sell their products off and just go get a different kind of job," Cornman said.

Last year's Beaux Arts fair was virtual, Larson said. But this year, Cornman could once again share with others the abstract in his art.

"Even though I may paint it a certain way it doesn't mean it needs to be hung that way," said Cornman. "It speaks to me to get painted. It speaks to them to go home."

The last day of the art fair is Sunday, May 9, 2021. The fair runs from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m., with free admission. Beaux Arts is also planning a second art fair on September 11 through September 12, according to their website.