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The Bix7 is back with added safety precautions

The race will offer an in-person option this July 24th

DAVENPORT, Iowa — After a one year hiatus due to the pandemic the Bix7 race is back. This July 24th runners will be racing through the streets of Downtown Davenport once again. 

This past year a virtual option was available for runners, which Race Director Michelle Juehring says was a pretty popular option all things considering.

That option will still be available, but all eyes are on the in-person event coordinators are working diligently to put together. 10,000 runners will be able to take to the streets for this years race, it’s about half what the race usually sees. Still, it’s a welcome change from the past year. Juerhing saying, “It’s like a reunion, coming back.”

Juehring says they’ve got everything in place to do the race in person, but they’re prepared to make changes as needed, “The plans are arriving. They’re knowledge and strategic based. They're written with hope and optimism but also some of our plans are written in pencil.”

The number one goal this year is safety, and it includes some major changes to race plans. For starters, runners won’t all rush the start line at once like they have in past years. 

Instead there will be waves let loose at the line every five seconds. Racers will be separated out into more corrals than usual as well to allow for social distancing. “We have a two hour window in which we have to get everyone safely across that start line.”

Masks are required as well, but not the whole time. Juehring explaining, “Masks will be worn up to the starting line and after the finish line, take it off while you're running.”

For runners nervous about the crowds, you can opt for the virtual option at sign up and change your mind later if you decide to run in person. You can switch as many times as you want as well. 

“Maybe you’re going to register for the virtual race and a month from now you can switch to in person. We give you options to do the race where and when you're most comfortable.”

Juerhing saying it’s some minor tweaks and changes to get these runners back on the road.