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What you need to know about mail-in voting in Scott County

The Scott County Auditor says she's expecting more people to vote by mail this year because of COVID and worries about the USPS handling an influx of mail.
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DAVENPORT, Iowa — During the 2020 election, mail-in voting is expected to climb with concerns about COVID-19 and voting in person.

If you're registered to vote in Scott County, County Auditor Roxanna Moritz explained what you need to know about mail-in voting this year.

She says you may get multiple ballot request forms in the mail, coming from her office, the Secretary of State's office and even several different campaigns. But she says you only have to submit one and will only get one ballot if you send back more than two.

  • Ballot request forms need to be sent back by Oct. 24th.
  • Completed mail-in ballots have to be postmarked by Nov. 2, the day before Election day.
  • You can drop off your ballot at the county administration building on W 4th Street in Davenport starting Oct. 5th.
  • You can also surrender your completed ballot on Election Day at your polling location in order to vote in-person.

An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated you can submit your completed ballot by dropping it off at your polling location on Election Day.

"I think the most important people thing people need to know is this is another election for us," Moritz says. "There are some hurdles we`re having to cross. But all our processes and procedures have always been the same. And they will continue to be the same."

Moritz says she's aiming to keep all 63 polling locations this year. By state law, she has to keep at least 41 of those locations open.

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