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Midwest moms prepare to launch world's first fully adaptable bra for pregnancy, postpartum. Here's how you can help

The Infiniti Bra is made up of five detachable and interchangeable pieces to adapt to a woman's changing body through pregnancy, postpartum and beyond.

DAVENPORT, Iowa — A woman's body goes through many significant changes during pregnancy besides the obvious baby bump. 

Your feet swell, your weight increases and your mind swirls with hormones all throughout. Let's not forget what happens to your breasts— which can change between two and four bands and/or cup sizes during your pregnancy. 

Newly arrived Davenport mom Elodie Busnel and her business partner Francesca D'Arcy have designed the world's first fully adaptable bra, Infiniti Bra, to combat the natural changes that come with pregnancy and postpartum.

The Midwest moms struggled to find bras that would evolve with them during their pregnancy and breastfeeding journeys. Their bra is made up of five detachable and interchangeable pieces to adapt to a woman's changing body through pregnancy, postpartum and beyond. 

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According to Infiniti Bra, the average woman will buy 12 maternity bras with many only being worn for a short time. Busnel and D'Arcy hope to change that with their product's Kickstarter campaign

The business has been self-funded for four years, but now it hopes to expand with the campaign. Funds raised from it will be used to bring the Infiniti Bra to market and continue developing its patent-pending designs. 

“When my friend and co-founder Francesca was pregnant, we very quickly discovered that the options on the market for pregnant and breastfeeding women were extremely limited," said Busnel in a press release. "She was constantly having to buy new bras and shortly after throwing them out, which meant she’d always look for the cheapest options which were neither comfortable nor practical."

Here are the features that Infiniti Bra has: 

  • Full adaptability: Removable and interchangeable pieces to create a bra that not only evolves with pregnant and postpartum bodies but that can be fully customized to the wearer's preferences, for example, size, color, style and function.
  • Strong support: Unique back band that expands up to three inches to grow with women’s rib cage and maximize breast support. Easy to adjust shoulder straps from the front to secure Infiniti bra in place and further aid in breast support.
  • Superior comfort: Front closure to make putting on and taking off Infiniti Bra easy and hassle-free. No underwire that digs into your ribcage or pushes against breast tissue.
  • High functionality: Easy to release maternity clasps to enable quick access for breastfeeding and pumping, or both at the same time. Cups can be folded down to reveal the pumping slings which can hold pump flanges securely for hands-free pumping. The pumping sling can be moved aside for breastfeeding.
  • Great aesthetics: Feminine plunge to compliment natural cleavage. Multiway straps to adjust positioning to fit different outfits. Delicate lace to help make women feel beautiful and sexy!
  • Superior design and quality: Patent-pending bra design. High quality, breathable materials that are durable, soft against the skin, and machine washable.

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