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How to build a 'candy chute' to safely hand out treats this Halloween

The coronavirus is forcing us to keep 6 feet apart. So some people are coming up with creative ways to hand out candy.

MOLINE, Ill — Halloween is right around the corner and the coronavirus is making people get creative to stay safe and still have fun handing out candy this year.

We wanted to come up with a simple, affordable way to build a contraption to hand out Halloween candy. So we developed the "patent-pending" (not really) candy chute.

Here's what you need

  1. 6+ feet of PVC pipe (PVC pipes tend to come in either 5 feet or 10 feet, not 6 feet. So we opted for one five-footer and a one and a half footer.)
  2. 1 coupling
  3. Zip ties
  4. Screw driver
  5. Cinder blocks (optional)


  1. Put the coupling onto the end of the PVC, leaving enough room to put the second PVC pipe inside. Tighten the screw until secure, then repeat with the second PVC to make one long tube.
  2. Use your zip ties to secure your pipe at an angle. I was able to zip tie it to my porch railing. If you don't have one, some stack cinder blocks can make a good alternative to give you the angle you need to send the candy down.
  3. Decorate your candy chute and make it extra spooky for the Halloween season.
  4. Send your candy down!

It took about 15 minutes to assemble this.

The Rock Island County Health Department says this is a safe option to hand out candy as long as kids don't congregate at the bottom of the chute.