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More people practicing yoga for stress relief at Davenport studio during COVID-19 pandemic

Sunlight Yoga Center in the Village of East Davenport says they're now offering a new type of class so people can be more comfortable.

DAVENPORT, Iowa — A yoga studio in Davenport is adapting to better accommodate its students during the coronavirus pandemic. 

The owner of Sunlight Yoga Center says there's been a lot of uncertainty this summer and people are feeling the stress and anxiety that can come with that. She says she's seen a 20 percent increase recently in the number of new students, many of them looking for relief.

"What yoga is really good at is taking that kind of up-leveling and taking it down a couple notches, allowing you to be calm. And when you're calm, you make better decisions," owner Rebecca Sebastian says.

Sebastian says business isn't what it used to be before the pandemic. She can only have five students per class instead of the usual 20. They're also offering 100 online classes, some of them live and some are recorded.

Starting this week, Sebastian has a new offer, she says. You can now book an entire class for yourself and your friends, choosing who is in the room with you instead of a regular public class with strangers.

Sebastian says this helps people who are anxious or intimidated by a large group.

"I do think it kind of gives people a sense of comfort and ease to come back to a space where you know everybody," she says.

You can sign-up for those classes right now.

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Posted by Sunlight Yoga Center on Friday, September 18, 2020