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Ariana Hill overcomes life’s losses and wins Soar Scholarship

Ariana has had a life full of wins and losses … and today she is winning the SOAR Scholarship.

DAVENPORT, Iowa - Ariana Hill is a recognizable face in the halls of Davenport North High School. And, she knows that life had both wins and losses.

Right now, she is winning. She is the third and final winner of this year's $5,000 SOAR Scholarship Winner from WQAD News 8 and The Sedona Group.

Hill plans to study Elementary Education at Olivet Nazarene University.

The future educator says she is ready to make an impact in the lives of children.

Ariana is no stranger to winning.

"My freshman year started off pretty good. I went to Drake. Then, sophomore year State and Drake and again and then last year Drake again and then this year State and Drake again," Hill said during an interview with WQAD News 8 on the day she received her SOAR Scholarship. "I got a scholarship to run in college, too. So its been pretty successful throughout my high school year."

However, Ariana's life has also had many losses.

"Sophomore year my brother died and it was a couple days before State and his funeral was actually on the day of State."

Ariana decided to skip her brothers funeral and run at a state championship.

"It`s what he would have wanted. And, my dad too because he passed away in 8th grade," Hill explained.

Tears began to fall during the interview, but through the tears a contagious smile.

"I got through it," Hill said.

And now, she is ready to SOAR into the next chapter of life.