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Anonymous donor helps pay Augustana students' tuitions

The donation of $142,000 will help 26 students with unpaid balances.

ROCK ISLAND, Ill — Giving is often referred to as one of the greatest gifts. For 26 students from Augustana College, they received the gift of a lifetime.

On Wednesday June 22, the students learned an anonymous donor contributed $142,000 to help pay their tuition, room and board fees. 

For many, the gift fully covers their remaining balance.

W. Kent Barnds, the executive vice president for external relations at Augustana College, says this kind of generosity is not easily forgotten. In fact, it just might encourage others to pay it forward. 

“Often those who give to Augustana have been the beneficiaries of past generosity and give today as a way of giving back so that others may benefit,” Barnds said, “Augustana alumni like to pay it forward."