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'A grinch stole my Grinch' | Christmas inflatables stolen from Davenport woman's front yard

Connie Hart has been collecting inflatable decorations for 9 years. For the first time ever, she had decorations stolen from her yard.

DAVENPORT, Iowa — When Connie Hart moved in to her Davenport home in 2013, she owned 8 inflatable decorations for her yard. Fast forward to now, she owns over 250 decorations, ranging in holidays from Halloween to Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

"I came with eight and my yard just looked goofy with such a big yard with only eight inflatables in it," Hart said. "I had to do something about it"

Every holiday season, she plans out how she will decorate her yard with her notebook where she writes down all the inflatables that she owns. 

"I grab my notebook and I go through my garage and I start writing down in each size, three-foot, four-foot, five-foot on what I have," Hart said. 

Last year, Hart did not put up her decorations due to dealing with illnesses. She was eager to put them up this year. For the first time in her nine years of collecting, she had some of her decorations stolen from her yard. She discovered her missing decorations during Thanksgiving weekend. 

"I had taken a picture of the aftermath and I compared it with the previous picture that I took Saturday afternoon," Hart continued. "That's how I figured out that I had some of them missing." 

Despite her visit from the 'Grinch', she says that she will continue to maintain her holiday spirit. 

"It hurt, I was upset and I cried," Hart said. "Will I continue to put them up? Yes, I will. Why would I let one person ruin it all for all of us? I don't decorate my yard just for myself. I decorate it for all of us."

Hart estimates the 11 stolen decorations are worth around $300. If anyone has information regarding the stolen goods, you should contact the Davenport police. 

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