Local shopowner turns self care into life motto

Splash, a beauty and wellness shop in Moline, reminds us all to practice self-care and give back to ourselves.

MOLINE, Illinois-- Two years ago Christiana Headley left her job as an addictions counselor on the search for a new career path.

"I had to take a step back and really slow down and kinda refocus and do some new things in my life," said Headley.

The work was taking a toll.

"I was working a lot of hours a week and teaching everybody about self-care," Headley said. "Telling them to practice yoga and meditation and take care of themselves and as a caregiver I was not taking very good care of myself."

Headley started Splash, a bath and wellness shop, to "practice self-care in a fun way."  The company started in 2017 as online only, eventually moving to a storefront in Rock Island before its current location in downtown Moline.

There is more than one way to relax with Splash selling everything from bath bombs, shampoo bars and lotion to essential oils and soap.

"People need to have the whole experience," Headley said. "It's not just about buying the product and using it. It was about coming in and smelling and touching things, seeing the products and creating a fun environment where people could come in and feel relaxed."

At first, it wasn't as relaxing as she had hoped. Headley said her original recipe for her signature bath bombs would crack or flatten soon after production.

"The first batch of bath bombs that I made and was actually giving away to people turned someone blue," Headley said.

All of the setbacks didn't dissuade her, with Headley taking the time to perfect her craft and learn from her mistakes to make her bath bombs her own. 

"It took us about two months to develop our recipe and then earlier this year we kinda modified it again," Headley said. "We are always tweaking and finding ways to improve."

Now, she finally is able to focus on what matters most to her.

"There are some days where I have to check myself and make sure that I am practicing what I preach and taking time for myself too," said Headley.

Splash is located at 425 17th Street, Moline, Illinois. The store is open from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. week days, until 5 p.m. on Satuday and is closed on Sunday.