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Local businesses step up to help Davenport couple after 7 days without heat

After hearing their story on WQAD News 8, local businesses are stepping up to help this family out.
Company to fix old furnace

DAVENPORT, Iowa - After seeing Anna and Henry Holmes share their story with News 8 on November 13, two local businesses are stepping up to help get heat restored to their Davenport home.

The home, built in 1914, has been without heat for one week.

The homeowners have been trying to get their broken furnace repaired. They have a warranty through American Home Shield but, they say the company has been slow-moving in finding a solution.

After hearing about their suffering, Doug's Heating and Air Conditioning decided they wanted to step in and help.

"I seen the story last night on the news and it just sparked in my head that something needs to be done about it," said Brian Bausch, Project Manager.

After a week of go-around's with the warranty company, Anna Holmes said she was desperate for a solution.

"My asthma, I get up choking and coughing in the morning. I don't know if I am going to end up sick over this," said Holmes.

Now, members of the community she has only been a part of for a few months are stepping in.

"It's such a relief, I called my husband at work after you called me and I told him that they were going to donate a heater and he said that's so wonderful because he was so worried about me," said Holmes.

It's going to be a big job.

A new furnace, all new duct work, and new chimney lining are being donated.

Another area company, Illinois-Iowa Taylor Insulation, has also agreed to donate asbestos removal from the home.

"I don't know how I could ever re-pay to have that done because it would've probably taken thousands of dollars and me and my husband would've probably been lucky if we could've done it in two or three years," said Holmes.

For the team at Doug's Heating and Air Conditioning, this isn't about money.

"It's a danger to begin with so, that's why we would rather replace this unity, keep the family safe, rather than try to repair it," said Bausch.

For these teams, this job is about doing the right thing.