K-9 Kindness in Davenport says they need more foster families

Fosters must provide the food, but all vet bills are covered by K-9 Kindness Rescue.

DAVENPORT, Iowa-- K9 Kindness Rescue in Davenport needs more people to be foster parents for dogs in need.

Meet one-year-old Coco and his foster mom Jackie Kinney.

If it wasn't for her this gentle chocolate lab-boxer mix would be living on the streets. Or worse.

Shelters are looking for foster carers just like Jackie.

Dogs come to K9 Kindness Rescue Shelter from all over the country.

Shelters and pounds can be a lonely and stressful places for an abandoned dog to idle away while awaiting adoption.

Foster pet parents provide temporary care, love and comfort in their own homes.

When Oakley came into Terri Stutz life, she was malnourished and pregnant.

Five of those beautiful babies have found their forever homes, four will be leaving this week, leaving one.

For those considering fostering there is an application process.

Foster carers must provide the food but all vet bills are covered by K9 Kindness Rescue.

For more information head to K9 Kindness Rescue, Inc Facebook page.