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Iowa American Water says tap water is safe to drink after reports of high toxic chemical levels

A study reported the Iowa side of the Quad Cities had the second highest amount of PFA or a toxic chemical. But Iowa American Water says you’re safe.

DAVENPORT, Iowa – There are new concerns about the safety of your drinking water.  High amounts of toxic chemicals were reported in drinking water across the country, and one of the most was found on the Iowa side of the Quad Cities.

The information is from a study done by “Environmental Working Group”.  The group investigated PFA’s, which is a chemical found in Teflon, carpets, clothing, and furniture.   But Iowa American Water says people don’t need to worry.

“We don’t have any locations throughout our community that has a level that is above 70 parts per trillion that the EPA puts out,” says Joshua Lighton, a water quality supervisor at Iowa American Water.

70 ppt is the guideline the EPA sets for PFA’s in water.  The EGW study found the Iowa side of the Quad Cities was at 109.8 ppt. Iowa American Water says that’s not true.  They have the Iowa DNR and EPA check their PFA levels monthly. The last report in Nov. 2019 said the PFA is at 4.4 ppt, significantly below the EPA guideline.

News 8 reached out to EGW to see how their reports were done.  They said they one staff member or volunteer collect one sample of tap water in each city and send it in.

“It most definitely is safe,” Lighton reassures. “I give it to my little girl, and I would never give anything to her that was unsafe.”

Iowa America Water says they have scientists working 24/7 to monitor chemical levels in their water.

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