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Illinois QC Mayors create program to move small businesses "forward"

Businesses will connect automatically with loans and grants they are eligible for.

ROCK ISLAND, Illinois — Illinois mayors in the Quad Cities introduced a new tool to help small businesses on Thursday.  

The program is called "Forward" and it connects businesses with grants and loans they are eligible for through the PPP automatically.  

"A business can actually put in their information - how much they make, how much their sales are, how many employees, and then it analyzes all those sites to see what they are eligible for," says Rock Island Mayor Mike Thoms.

The program will give cities a better idea of which businesses still need help.

"It streamlines the process so they don't have to figure out how to do it, what to do, and where to go," explains Rock Island Mayor Mike Thoms.

The program is for businesses in the Illinois Quad Cities.  Mayors say they want to include those on the Iowa side in the future.