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White Castle issues recall of frozen sliders over possible listeria contamination

White Castle has issued a voluntary recall of multiple products for possible listeria contamination.
White Castle issues recall of frozen sliders over possible listeria contamination

(CNN) — White Castle has issued a voluntary recall of multiple products for possible listeria contamination.

The recall affects a limited number of frozen six-pack cheeseburgers, frozen six-pack hamburgers, frozen six-pack pack jalapeno cheeseburgers, 16-pack hamburgers and 16-pack cheeseburgers, according to the US Food and Drug Administration.

“Our number one focus is the safety of our customers and our team members, and as a family owned business, we want to hold ourselves to the absolute highest standards of accountability in all aspects of our business — and especially food safety,” said White Castle Vice President, Jamie Richardson.

Products on shelves at only certain retailers will be impacted, the FDA said. The products removed have a best by date of August 4, 2020, to August 17, 2020, and products with dates before and after are not subject to the recall.

Public health officials have not reported any illnesses associated with the White Castle products, the FDA said.

Listeria monocytogenes has short term symptoms such as high fever, headache, stiffness, nausea, abdominal pain and diarrhea. The bacteria can also cause miscarriages and stillbirths among pregnant women. It can have serious and sometimes fatal impacts on young children, elderly people and people with weakened immune systems, the FDA said.

Customers may also contact White Castle at 1-800-843-2728.

The following codes are included in the recall:

Lot Code Best By Date Lot Code Best By Date Lot Code Best By Date
H3120791 04AUG2020 H3120793 04AUG2020 C3120795 04AUG2020
H3120891 04AUG2020 H3120893 04AUG2020 C3120895 04AUG2020
H3120991 04AUG2020 H3120993 04AUG2020 C3120995 04AUG2020
H3121091 04AUG2020 H3121093 04AUG2020 C3121095 04AUG2020
H3121191 04AUG2020 H3121193 04AUG2020 C3121195 04AUG2020
H3121291 04AUG2020 H3121293 04AUG2020 C3121295 04AUG2020
H3121391 04AUG2020 H3121393 04AUG2020 C3121395 04AUG2020
H3121491 04AUG2020 H3121493 04AUG2020 C3121495 04AUG2020
H3121591 04AUG2020 H3121593 04AUG2020 C3121595 04AUG2020
H3121691 04AUG2020 H3121693 04AUG2020 C3121695 04AUG2020
H3121791 04AUG2020 H3121793 04AUG2020 C3121795 04AUG2020
H3121891 04AUG2020 H3121893 04AUG2020 C3121895 04AUG2020
H3121991 04AUG2020 H3121993 04AUG2020 C3121995 04AUG2020
H3122091 04AUG2020 H3122093 04AUG2020 C3122095 04AUG2020
H3122191 04AUG2020 H3122193 04AUG2020 C3122195 04AUG2020
H3122291 04AUG2020 H3122293 04AUG2020 C3122295 04AUG2020
H3122391 04AUG2020 H3122393 04AUG2020 C3122395 04AUG2020
Lot Code Best By Date Lot Code Best By Date Lot Code Best By Date
C3150791 07AUG2020 C3150693 07AUG2020 C3150795 07AUG2020
C3150891 07AUG2020 C3150793 07AUG2020 C3150895 07AUG2020
C3150991 07AUG2020 C3150893 07AUG2020 C3150995 07AUG2020
C3151091 07AUG2020 C3150993 07AUG2020 C3151095 07AUG2020
C3151191 07AUG2020 C3151093 07AUG2020 C3151195 07AUG2020
C3151291 07AUG2020 C3151193 07AUG2020 C3151295 07AUG2020
C3151391 07AUG2020 C3151293 07AUG2020 C3151395 07AUG2020
C3151491 07AUG2020 C3151393 07AUG2020 C3151495 07AUG2020
C3151591 07AUG2020 C3151493 07AUG2020 C3151595 07AUG2020
C3151691 07AUG2020 C3151593 07AUG2020 C3151695 07AUG2020
C3151791 07AUG2020 C3151693 07AUG2020 C3151795 07AUG2020
C3151891 07AUG2020 C3151793 07AUG2020 C3151895 07AUG2020
C3151991 07AUG2020 C3151893 07AUG2020 C3151995 07AUG2020
C3152091 07AUG2020 C3151993 07AUG2020 C3152095 07AUG2020
C3152191 07AUG2020 C3152093 07AUG2020 C3152195 07AUG2020
C3152291 07AUG2020 C3152193 07AUG2020 C3152295 07AUG2020
C3152391 07AUG2020 C3152293 07AUG2020 C3152395 07AUG2020
C3152393 07AUG2020
Lot Code Best By Date Lot Code Best By Date Lot Code Best By Date
J3160791 08AUG2020 J3160693 08AUG2020 C3160795 08AUG2020
J3160891 08AUG2020 J3160793 08AUG2020 C3160895 08AUG2020
J3160991 08AUG2020 J3160893 08AUG2020 C3160995 08AUG2020
J3161091 08AUG2020 J3160993 08AUG2020 C3161095 08AUG2020
J3161191 08AUG2020 J3161093 08AUG2020 C3161195 08AUG2020
J3161291 08AUG2020 J3161193 08AUG2020 C3161295 08AUG2020
J3161391 08AUG2020 J3161293 08AUG2020 C3161395 08AUG2020
J3161491 08AUG2020 J3161393 08AUG2020 C3161495 08AUG2020
J3161591 08AUG2020 J3161493 08AUG2020 C3161595 08AUG2020
J3161691 08AUG2020 J3161593 08AUG2020 C3161695 08AUG2020
J3161791 08AUG2020 J3161693 08AUG2020 C3161795 08AUG2020
J3161891 08AUG2020 J3161793 08AUG2020 C3161895 08AUG2020
J3161991 08AUG2020 J3161893 08AUG2020 C3161995 08AUG2020
J3162091 08AUG2020 J3161993 08AUG2020 C3162095 08AUG2020
J3162191 08AUG2020 J3162093 08AUG2020 C3162195 08AUG2020
J3162291 08AUG2020 J3162193 08AUG2020 C3162295 08AUG2020
J3162391 08AUG2020 J3162293 08AUG2020 C3162395 08AUG2020
J3162393 08AUG2020
Lot Code Best By Date Lot Code Best By Date Lot Code Best By Date
C3170791 09AUG2020 C3170693 09AUG2020 C3170795 09AUG2020
C3170891 09AUG2020 C3170793 09AUG2020 C3170895 09AUG2020
C3170991 09AUG2020 C3170893 09AUG2020 C3170995 09AUG2020
C3171091 09AUG2020 C3170993 09AUG2020 C3171095 09AUG2020
C3171191 09AUG2020 C3171093 09AUG2020 C3171195 09AUG2020
C3171291 09AUG2020 C3171193 09AUG2020 C3171295 09AUG2020
C3171391 09AUG2020 C3171293 09AUG2020 C3171395 09AUG2020
C3171491 09AUG2020 C3171393 09AUG2020 C3171495 09AUG2020
C3171591 09AUG2020 C3171493 09AUG2020 C3171595 09AUG2020
C3171691 09AUG2020 C3171593 09AUG2020 C3171695 09AUG2020
C3171791 09AUG2020 C3171693 09AUG2020 C3171795 09AUG2020
C3171891 09AUG2020 C3171793 09AUG2020 C3171895 09AUG2020
C3171991 09AUG2020 C3171893 09AUG2020 C3171995 09AUG2020
C3172091 09AUG2020 C3171993 09AUG2020 C3172095 09AUG2020
C3172191 09AUG2020 C3172093 09AUG2020 C3172195 09AUG2020
C3172291 09AUG2020 C3172193 09AUG2020 C3172295 09AUG2020
C3172391 09AUG2020 C3172293 09AUG2020 C3172395 09AUG2020
C3172393 09AUG2020
Lot Code Best By Date Lot Code Best By Date Lot Code Best By Date
C3180791 10AUG2020 C3180693 10AUG2020 C3180795 10AUG2020
C3180891 10AUG2020 C3180793 10AUG2020 C3180895 10AUG2020
C3180991 10AUG2020 C3180893 10AUG2020 C3180995 10AUG2020
C3181091 10AUG2020 C3180993 10AUG2020 C3181095 10AUG2020
C3181191 10AUG2020 C3181093 10AUG2020 C3181195 10AUG2020
C3181291 10AUG2020 C3181193 10AUG2020 C3181295 10AUG2020
C3181391 10AUG2020 C3181293 10AUG2020 C3181395 10AUG2020
C3181491 10AUG2020 C3181393 10AUG2020 C3181495 10AUG2020
C3181591 10AUG2020 C3181493 10AUG2020 C3181595 10AUG2020
C3181691 10AUG2020 C3181593 10AUG2020 C3181695 10AUG2020
C3181791 10AUG2020 C3181693 10AUG2020 C3181795 10AUG2020
C3181891 10AUG2020 C3181793 10AUG2020 C3181895 10AUG2020
C3181991 10AUG2020 C3181893 10AUG2020 C3181995 10AUG2020
C3182091 10AUG2020 C3181993 10AUG2020 C3182095 10AUG2020
C3182191 10AUG2020 C3182093 10AUG2020 C3182195 10AUG2020
C3182291 10AUG2020 C3182193 10AUG2020 C3182295 10AUG2020
C3182391 10AUG2020 C3182293 10AUG2020 C3182395 10AUG2020
C3182393 10AUG2020
Lot Code Best By Date        
H3190795 11AUG2020
H3190895 11AUG2020
H3190995 11AUG2020
H3191095 11AUG2020
H3191195 11AUG2020
H3191295 11AUG2020
H3191395 11AUG2020
H3191495 11AUG2020
H3191595 11AUG2020
H3191695 11AUG2020
H3191795 11AUG2020
H3191895 11AUG2020
H3191995 11AUG2020
H3192095 11AUG2020
H3192195 11AUG2020
H3192295 11AUG2020
H3192395 11AUG2020
Lot Code Best By Date Lot Code Best By Date Lot Code Best By Date
C3220791 14AUG2020 C3220693 14AUG2020 C3220795 14AUG2020
C3220891 14AUG2020 C3220793 14AUG2020 C3220895 14AUG2020
C3220991 14AUG2020 C3220893 14AUG2020 C3220995 14AUG2020
C3221091 14AUG2020 C3220993 14AUG2020 C3221095 14AUG2020
C3221191 14AUG2020 C3221093 14AUG2020 C3221195 14AUG2020
C3221291 14AUG2020 C3221193 14AUG2020 C3221295 14AUG2020
C3221391 14AUG2020 C3221293 14AUG2020 C3221395 14AUG2020
C3221491 14AUG2020 C3221393 14AUG2020 C3221495 14AUG2020
C3221591 14AUG2020 C3221493 14AUG2020 C3221595 14AUG2020
C3221691 14AUG2020 C3221593 14AUG2020 C3221695 14AUG2020
C3221791 14AUG2020 C3221693 14AUG2020 C3221795 14AUG2020
C3221891 14AUG2020 C3221793 14AUG2020 C3221895 14AUG2020
C3221991 14AUG2020 C3221893 14AUG2020 C3221995 14AUG2020
C3222091 14AUG2020 C3221993 14AUG2020 C3222095 14AUG2020
C3222191 14AUG2020 C3222093 14AUG2020 C3222195 14AUG2020
C3222291 14AUG2020 C3222193 14AUG2020 C3222295 14AUG2020
C3222391 14AUG2020 C3222293 14AUG2020 C3222395 14AUG2020
C3222393 14AUG2020
Lot Code Best By Date Lot Code Best By Date Lot Code Best By Date
C3230791 15AUG2020 C3230693 15AUG2020 C3230795 15AUG2020
C3230891 15AUG2020 C3230793 15AUG2020 C3230895 15AUG2020
C3230991 15AUG2020 C3230893 15AUG2020 C3230995 15AUG2020
C3231091 15AUG2020 C3230993 15AUG2020 C3231095 15AUG2020
C3231191 15AUG2020 C3231093 15AUG2020 C3231195 15AUG2020
C3231291 15AUG2020 C3231193 15AUG2020 C3231295 15AUG2020
C3231391 15AUG2020 C3231293 15AUG2020 C3231395 15AUG2020
C3231491 15AUG2020 C3231393 15AUG2020 C3231495 15AUG2020
C3231591 15AUG2020 C3231493 15AUG2020 C3231595 15AUG2020
C3231691 15AUG2020 C3231593 15AUG2020 C3231695 15AUG2020
C3231791 15AUG2020 C3231693 15AUG2020 C3231795 15AUG2020
C3231891 15AUG2020 C3231793 15AUG2020 C3231895 15AUG2020
C3231991 15AUG2020 C3231893 15AUG2020 C3231995 15AUG2020
C3232091 15AUG2020 C3231993 15AUG2020 C3232095 15AUG2020
C3232191 15AUG2020 C3232093 15AUG2020 C3232195 15AUG2020
C3232291 15AUG2020 C3232193 15AUG2020 C3232295 15AUG2020
C3232391 15AUG2020 C3232293 15AUG2020 C3232395 15AUG2020
C3232393 15AUG2020
Lot Code Best By Date Lot Code Best By Date Lot Code Best By Date
C3240791 16AUG2020 C3240693 16AUG2020 C3240795 16AUG2020
C3240891 16AUG2020 C3240793 16AUG2020 C3240895 16AUG2020
C3240991 16AUG2020 C3240893 16AUG2020 C3240995 16AUG2020
C3241091 16AUG2020 C3240993 16AUG2020 C3241095 16AUG2020
C3241191 16AUG2020 C3241093 16AUG2020 C3241195 16AUG2020
C3241291 16AUG2020 C3241193 16AUG2020 C3241295 16AUG2020
C3241391 16AUG2020 C3241293 16AUG2020 C3241395 16AUG2020
C3241491 16AUG2020 C3241393 16AUG2020 C3241495 16AUG2020
C3241591 16AUG2020 C3241493 16AUG2020 C3241595 16AUG2020
C3241691 16AUG2020 C3241593 16AUG2020 C3241695 16AUG2020
C3241791 16AUG2020 C3241693 16AUG2020 C3241795 16AUG2020
C3231891 16AUG2020 C3241793 16AUG2020 C3241895 16AUG2020
C3241991 16AUG2020 C3241893 16AUG2020 C3241995 16AUG2020
C3242091 16AUG2020 C3241993 16AUG2020 C3242095 16AUG2020
C3242191 16AUG2020 C3242093 16AUG2020 C3242195 16AUG2020
C3242291 16AUG2020 C3242193 16AUG2020 C3242295 16AUG2020
C3242391 16AUG2020 C3242293 16AUG2020 C3242395 16AUG2020
C3242393 16AUG2020