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QC COVID-19 Coalition gives daily briefing, April 8; second death in Rock Island County

This group of community leaders and healthcare professionals give a daily update on the community's response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Listen to the briefing on the WQAD Facebook page.

This group of community leaders and healthcare professionals give a daily update on the community's response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Here are the key points from the briefing:

  • Rock Island County
    • A second person has died from COVID-19, a woman in her 60s who was hospitalized
    • 13 new cases are being reported today
    • 5 people remain hospitalized
    • 73 total positives in the county
  • Scott County
    • 11 new cases reported today
    • 77 total in the county
    • 57 have recovered from the illness
    • 9 are currently hospitalized; 1 person has been discharged and is recovering
    • 9 were never hospitalized
    • 1 person has died
  • Here are statistics for the ages of people who have tested positive for COVID-19 in Scott County
  • Age info:
  • 18-40 - 29% of cases
  • 41-60 - 53% of cases
  • 61-80 - 15% of cases
  • 81 and up 4% of cases
  • Similar age breakdowns are being seen across Iowa
  • Ed Rivers with the Scott County Health Department says the most important part of an individual case investigation is to identify their close contacts
  • The statistics show that this isn't just an illness that older adults are catching; finding many more in the middle aged adult age groups in fact based on pos caes receieved younger and middle age adults are higher that older and elderly
  • People over the age of 60 are more likely to experience more serious illness
  • There has been a lot of discussion about personal protective equipment, which includes masks, gowns, goggle and face shields, short supply.
  • Some of the PPE is coming from the Strategic National Stockpile, which is then distributed from state emergency management agencies
  • The Salvation Army is collecting homemade masks for distribution to those in need
  • The Quad Cities Community Foundation has been distributing grants out of the COVID-19 relief fund for qualifying Quad Cities organizations, schools, and nonprofits.  To date, they’ve gotten requests for $2.8 million+ worth of grants
  • An initial $350,000 was distributed on March 30.  A second round of grants is expected to be announced next week.
  • The River Bend Foodbank is remaining in operation, with limited staff, to ensure safety and prevent spread of COVID-19.
  • Typically in a year, the foodbank does their work with the help of 15,000 hours and 4,000 volunteers working alongside staff.
  • In the last three weeks, 36 people packed 10,000 food boxes.  The foodbank’s CEO Mike Miller said the toughest part is doing the packing, and having no other assistance.
  • They’ve changed their pickup protocols at the foodbank, as well as at food pantries like NorthPark and SouthPark.  These changes minimize person-to-person contact.
  • They are asking for people to go to their website to register as a volunteer.  While there are no opportunities available at the moment, they will come up again in the future.