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The YWCA wants to help you get your stimulus check

If you haven't gotten a stimulus check, there's a good chance you still can

About 7000 people in Rock Island County never got a stimulus check from the government and now congress is debating a second check be offered.    

The YWCA is trying to help you get that check if you haven’t seen it yet.

Since April the IRS has been depositing stimulus checks into the bank accounts of eligible Americans.

Quad Cities YWCA Vice President Deanna Woodall says they want to help sift through the paperwork to see if you should be getting a check.

“If you`re still waiting for your first one you`re still going to be waiting for your second one if that does actually materialize.”

But it's still unclear to many whether or not they qualify for a check.

With money from a grant. the YWCA is helping people in Rock Island County figure that out.

Woodall says, “On my desk right now I have stacks of paper. These are all filled out and I`m doing my research and getting online and trying to figure out where their check is and then getting that additional information that I need from them.”

The YWCA wants to help people apply for their check or track it down if they haven't gotten it yet. 

 You may not be in the IRS system if you do not make enough money to file taxes. If you are not in the system, the IRS does not have an address to send a stimulus check to.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t still file to receive one.

“It`s a very large number of people that are still waiting and people that are eligible and still waiting.”

Get My Payment Illinois provided the grant to the YWCA to help Rock Island County citizens. Their goal is to get people who deserve a check, access to it.

New America is a part of the organizations that banded together to form Get My Payment Illinois.

Chicago fellow Meegan Dugan Bassett has worked on the project saying, “I think a lot of people when they didn`t receive a check just assumed they weren`t eligible. People actually have until October 15th to claim their check this year.”

There are nearly 7000 Rock Island County citizens who might qualify but haven't filed for their check. These are people that do not file for taxes.

Dugan Bassett saying, “Most people are eligible under a certain income level and just trying to make sure people really have what they need to get that check.”

While the YWCA will stop offering help at the end of August, Get My Payment Illinois has online services to help through the October 15th deadline.