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Rock Island Health Department working overtime

Officials say staff are tracing every single positive COVID-19 case.

ROCK ISLAND, Ill. — Officials are calling it public health 101. 

"When someone has tested positive with an infectious disease, we need to know who they have been in contact with, says Janet Hill from the Rock Island County Health Department.

As the Quad Cities continues to re-open, the Rock Island County Health Department is in overdrive.

"Our case counts are raising and they are raising rapidly here in the Quad Cities.

Tracing contacts of every positive case.

"We reported 25 new cases today and 20 of those were people younger than 40."

Health officials say crowds of maskless party-goers are the ones now contracting COVID-19.

"When we do the contact tracing, we are finding that people are going to parties, going to bars, going to restaurants," says Ms. Hill.

According to Ms. Hill, five new employees were hired to help contact trace during the pandemic. Another two will start next week.

"We are a hot spot here in Rock Island County."

Gabbi Ludwig is one of them. First she gets the patients lab report, then makes calls, asking basic questions to get to the source.

"We can work from there to see who you may have been in contact with during that infectious period," says Gabbi.

People can expect results in two to four days.

"We have been seeing a lot of people who have been exposed to positive cases and they are now coming back positive," says Gabbi.

The health department warns of scammers. No contact tracer will ask for your social security number or bank details.