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Rock Island County Expands Vaccination Eligibility to Sixteen and Older

The Rock Island County Clinic Struggles to Fill Open Vaccination Slots, Leading Them to Expand Their Vaccination Eligibility

MILAN, Ill. —     As of Monday, Illinois expands their COVID-19 vaccination eligibility to food and beverage workers, construction workers, and religious leaders. 

   Rock Island County decided to take the expansion a step further.

    Now, anyone in the county over the age of sixteen is eligible to receive a vaccination. The initial date of the expansion was April 12th, but the state announced on Friday that counties could choose whether or not they will start administering the vaccinations prior to that date.

   The Camden Center Vaccination Clinic has struggled to fill appointment slots over the past few weeks. 

    The Chief Operating Officer of the Health Department, Janet Hill, said the clinic won’t begin to worry just yet.

  "Not yet, because, you know, expanding to what we are today, will get a whole lot of fast food workers. For example, those people going to work everyday during the pandemic, well they just hadn't reached their eligibility status. We believe that there's a whole lot of essential workers who were just waiting for this moment to get their vaccine."

   The clinic asks that everyone makes an appointment.

   Walk ins are allowed at the end of each day, but only an appointment will guarantee a shot.