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Watch: QC COVID Coalition on continued health guidelines, vaccination Phase 1B

The QC COVID Coalition is holding its weekly meeting on the need for continued health guidelines and information of Phase 1B of the vaccination plan.
Credit: tegna

The QC COVID Coalition held its weekly meeting to provides updates to case numbers and information of the next phase of vaccination.

Rock Island County Health Department administrator Nita Ludwig began the meeting by announcing 56 new cases of COVID-19 since the previous Wednesday, January 7, as well as a new death total of 281.

Scott County Health Department director Edward Rivers accompanied this by revealing Scott County had reached a total of 16,276 cases and 161 deaths.

Ludwig then began the main body of conversation onto how the vaccination plan is proceeding. While still in Phase 1A of the plan, Rock Island County has received about 6000 doses of the vaccine, with about 60% of the around 8,000 health workers have had their first dose; 1,000 of which have also gotten their second dose.

Ludwig says that Governor Pritzker is expected to soon announce the state's move into Phase 1B of vaccination around Monday, January 17, which will include about 65,000 RICO residents; consisting of those 65 years or older, and many frontline essential workers, including first responders, grocery store workers, teachers, manufacturers, and many more. 

Rivers than highlighted the progress of Phase 1B in Iowa, noting recommendations made by Iowa’s Infectious Disease Advisory Council (IDAC). The council identified Phase 1B recipients to be those 75 years or older, those in long-term care facilities with disabilities, as well as their staff, correctional facility staff, inmates, staff of and people living in shelters and other congregate living spaces, essential workplaces that aren't able to easily facilitate social distancing, first responders, and education workers.

IDPH added two additional groups to this list consisting of inspectors dealing with life and safety issues, as well as government officials involved in the state legislative sessions at the Capitol and their staff.

Rivers notes that vaccination is likely to continue at a slow pace in Iowa, saying that it will take a few weeks for the state's vaccine supply level to increase.

Iowa's Phase 1B will roll out at the entire state level and is expected to begin around the beginning of February.