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Pritzker's new three strike plan for enforcing social distancing and mask mandates

"We want to make sure there is a minimum enforcement mechanism for every county."

ROCK ISLAND, Ill. — A new mandate in Illinois would give businesses three strikes and the Governor is receiving support from local authorities as well as one powerful group of business people.

Illinois business could soon be fined if its customers don't follow mask and social distancing guidelines.

“This is a make or break moment for Illinois for making sure that people are doing everything they can to mitigate, to reduce the spread.”

Governor Pritzker announcing earlier today a three-step plan to enforce safety in public. That focuses on businesses, organizations, schools, and childcare facilities.     

“The existing enforcement options prior to this rule go immediately to license revocation in the blink of an eye. This new rule provides multiple opportunities for compliance before any penalty is issued.”

The governor is trying to get legislation passed that would allow local authorities to issue a written warning first, send health inspectors second and finally issue a fine ranging from $75.00 dollars to $2500.00 dollars.

Rock Island County Health Department already checks on businesses in the county.     

Chief Operating Office Janet Hill saying, “We would hope that we would get compliance from the owners to understand that universal masking in the state of Illinois is required.”

Local health departments would have the authority to enforce these rules, calling in law enforcement help if necessary.     

“If we needed to ask the sheriff or another law enforcement, we absolutely would do that.”   

Illinois Restaurant Association president Sam Toia backing the decision.    

“The stakes are too high as it would be catastrophic to shut down our economy once again. It would be the death of the hospitality industry here in Illinois.”   

Governor Pritzker reminding Illinois residents that the responsibility falls on everyone to wear a mask and keep their distance.