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"Our animals will be the primary victims of this closure" | Aggieland Safari in need of help during COVID-19 closure

Due to COVID-19 Aggieland Safari has had to close the zoo, including the drive-thru safari. Now they are relying on donations to keep the zoo afloat.
Credit: KAGS TV

BRYAN, Texas — Aggieland Safari, which boasts a walking Adventure Zoo and a Drive-thru Safari, is a beloved attraction in the Brazos Valley. During the closures induced by COVID-19 they had been able to keep their Drive-thru Safari open, but not anymore. 

With this closure of unknown duration, they are in desperate need of the community's help.  

"Our animals will be the primary victims of this closure, as we rely entirely on ticket sales for their nutrition, veterinary care, and behavioral enrichment," said Dr. Lauren Brady, the Co-Executive Director and Director of Animal Health at Aggieland Safari, in an email. 

Like many zoos around the country, they have had to reduce their staff to a "skeleton crew", meaning they must utilize a crew of only two or three keepers to care for over 500 animals. 

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They have created several ways to help during this time. A GoFundMe has been set up to provide funds that will go directly to supporting the staff and animal’s livelihoods. 

Aggieland Safari has also created a wishlist of items they need that can be purchased online. 

"We hope the community will rally around the Aggieland Safari Zoo Crew as you have done so many times before, and thank you for your continued support and prayers."

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