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Moline High School holds vaccine clinic for students

Moline High students were able to take advantage of a vaccine clinic made available at their school and may be able to do so again in the summer.

MOLINE, Ill. — Students at Moline High School walked homed on Wednesday, May 12 more more than just knowledge; some went home with a COVID-19 vaccine shot.

The school held a clinic providing the Pfizer vaccine to students 16 years or older in partnership with the local Community Health Care group.

MHS Principal Trista Sanders says that the response from students was strong, and encourages even more to get the vaccine.

"I just think its important that people understand if they don't want to have to quarantine in the fall... this is the way to get there," she said. "I hope people are encouraged by that and take advantage of the opportunity that's given."

 MHS says it may hold vaccination clinics again over the course of the summer.