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Mississippi River Distilling Company keeps at it

The Le Claire distillery says its sales this summer are only increasing.

LE CLAIRE, Iowa — While many other businesses not just in the Quad Cities but across the nation struggle to make ends meet, Mississippi River Distilling Company is using what they have in a tough situation.

"It was a shock to the system when everything shut down," said owner Ryan Burchett.

COVID-19 hit the hospitality industry hard, forcing many to close their doors for good.

"Things aren't the same as they were before. So instead of hanging our heads we tried to make the best of it," said Burchett.

The crew at Mississippi River Distilling Company had other plans.

"We are producing both hand sanitizer and liquor."

Capitalizing on the needs of Americans. Hand sanitizer and liquor.

"Not everyone is enjoying the success that we have."

"Its helped us ride the wave and turn a corner."

Burchett attributes their success during the pandemic to versatility.

"Being able to make hand sanitizer out of  beverage alcohol."

"We've been working with our distributors, getting more product out into the market place."

With school right around the corner, hand sanitizer orders are peaking.

"A school or a business are buying it to have it available."

While Ryan rides the waves of success, he remains humble.

"The fact that we're standing here right now and not panicking right now about how we get through this, I think is a testament to where we stand."

Mississippi River Distilling Company says they'll make hand sanitizer through the end of the year.