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Mary's on 2nd hit three years in a row

The bar fears COVID-19 will force them to close their doors forever.

DAVENPORT, Iowa — Mary's on 2nd is being slapped with another financial blow. For the third year in a row the bar is being forced to close.

The impact of the coronavirus may force this Downtown bar to close it's doors forever.

Bobby Stansberry hasn't seen any customers in three weeks.

"The bills keep coming. There's no stopping the bills."

He though the worst was behind him.

That was until Governor Reynolds announced all bars and restaurants must close to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

"This is my livelihood and I have a feeling I am not going to make it through this one. I haven't even recovered yet from the flood from last year yet," said Bobby.

April 2018 a car went through the front of Mary's on 2nd. 2019 was the floods, 2020 the coronavirus. Bobby says he many never financially recover from this third hit.

"If things don't get to moving soon, I have a feeling a lot of small business around here are going to be done."

To help make ends meet he posted on Facebook that he's selling all the beer he has in stock. 90 cases.

Rhonda Parris purchased beer at today's (April 7th) impromptu drive-through.

"Just anything to help out the local community, I feel so bad these people can't have the customers coming in. Anything we can do to support them during this difficult time," said Rhonda.

Whilst another customer, Ryan Bateman said, "It's easier for restuarants that can do curbside, but it's really difficult for businesses that don't have those options."

After 20 years in business, Bobby says all he's doing is hoping for the best.

"Like everyone has been saying, Life as we know it is pretty much over."

It is against state law for distributers to buy any unsold beer.