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Infectious disease specialist debunks myths about COVID-19

Dr. Louis Katz is explaining what's true versus what's hearsay about COVID-19.

Dr. Louis Katz is an infectious disease specialist who is board certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine.  He studied at the University of Iowa and served his residency at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics.

He currently serves as the Medical Director at the Scott County Health Department and as the Associate Medical Director for the Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center.

Coronavirus can't survive in temperatures over 70 degrees - Myth

Dr. Katz points out that the average human body temperature is 98.6 degrees, and since coronavirus can survive in the human body, there's no truth to this.

Having blood type A+ is more susceptible to coronavirus - Maybe

Dr. Katz says the answer to this is not "yes" or "no" but is rather insignificant.

The infectious disease specialist said while this may hold some truth, the statistics are "clinically irrelevant" and that the difference is microscopic.

Exposure to strong UV light can kill the virus - In some cases

There are UV wavelengths that are very good at disinfecting, says Dr. Katz. Many facilities take advantage of this.  However, it's specific frequencies and lengths of exposure.  

"You can't go out and buy a black light and be safe," he says.  

It's true, but irrelevant to most of the population in the short run.

Spraying alcohol or chlorine on your body will help kill the virus - Yes, alochol will kill the virus. But do not spray your body with chemicals.

Dr. Katz points out that using alcohol-based hand sanitizer does kill the virus.

Diluted bleach can work on surfaces.  But reminds, you should not rub yourself down with bleach. 

Pneumonia vaccines will kill the virus - Myth 

Dr. Katz says this rumor is "totally unfounded at this point." 

While there is data to suggest some drugs may be effective, there's not enough testing that's been done yet to solidify this claim.

You'll prevent infection by rinsing your nose with saline - ?

"I have no idea," said Dr. Katz.

Not eating dairy products will help you avoid the coronavirus - Myth

There is no evidence to show that avoiding dairy will help in the pandemic.