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"I'm social distancing for..." reminding people they still have control and can help others

Scott County Health Department says they wanted to remind people that they still have control and can make a difference during this daunting pandemic.
Credit: Scott County Health Department

The coronavirus pandemic has been a daunting and challenging time, but the Scott County Health Department wants to remind people that they still have the power to help and encourage others. 

Credit: Scott County Health Department

Scott County Health Department started the social media trend after COVID-19 made its way to the area, and it says they felt it was important to help community members find ways to pitch in in the fight against the virus.

They came up with the "I'm social distancing for.." picture and spread it to other organizations in the area, including the Rock Island County Health Department, Bettendorf, Davenport, police departments, community partner groups, and local hospital systems. 

The department said that the idea came from a sense of wanting to remind people that they still have control in their lives during the pandemic and can still do good from inside their homes, as well as further emphasizing the importance of the social distancing policy, especially to people who have a lower risk of contracting the virus, which could potentially help prevent wide spread of the virus in areas not hit too hard by it yet. 

Alongside the photos, the health department has also been spreading the hashtag #TogetherQC, which refers to a website that acts as a resource for the fight against COVID-19 in the Quad City area. 

Update: 3/20/20 Republic Services, the recycling and waste company ... that serves , has asked us to share an update with you. Waste collection services will temporarily be modified to accommodate the surge in residential waste and protect Republic Services employees, customers and the community.