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Illinois schools begin remote learning

One district is setting up virtual classrooms for students.

PORT BYRON, Ill. — Students in Illinois are going back to school on Tuesday, March 31, but all the learning tasks will be online.

The hallways are silent, the classrooms are empty at Riverdale High School.  Freshman Erin Caves never thought she'd be returning from spring break, collecting her text books and going back home.

"I just found it weird picking all my stuff up in a bag," says Erin.

The state announced Illinois schools will move into remote learning period, starting March 31st.

"Teachers use apps like google classroom and remind to send notifications to students about assignments," explains Erin.

Superintendent Ron Jacobs says teachers were giving students work to . review, not new material.

"The focus is on making sure there is no educational harm done," says Mr. Jacobs.

The state remote learning recommendations suggest all students should be given the opportunity to make up, redo or try again in all assignments during this uncertain time.

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Erin's mom Chris Caves, says between her three kids and her own work from home, their internet is running slowly.

"Just realize and remember that students in remote areas do not have equitable access to internet," said Chris.

Mr Jacobs says they're trying to be flexible.

The state recommends school districts adopt grading models of "pass or incomplete."

Governor J.B. Pritzker has set a tentative return date of April 7th, but that date could be extended based on the outbreak of coronavirus.

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